25 Years Experience Working at hedge fund/pe firm

Get the green light and Robin Greene gets you across the finish line.
  • Consulting on Investor Relations/Client Servicing projects for Hedge Fund or Private Equity firms.

  • Specializing in Client Relationship Management (CRM) tools and websites, training webinars, data, databases, forms, events, client days, investor reporting, investor compliance best practices, user conferences and communicating, onboarding, transitions.

  • Best known for attention to detail, organization, planning, thinking outside the box, decision making, best practice recommendations and presenting efficient solutions while problem solving.   

  • Experience with Act!, Backstop, Clienteer, Correctnet, Intralinks, Investran, Salesforce, WebVision and proprietary software.






Of course using excel works but converting to a more efficient tool can be overwhelming.  Don't let the implementation process stop you, instead let an expert help.

  • Maintain Dashboard and Timeline
  • Breakdown Tasks and Provide Homework and To Do's in Manageable Bundles
  • Advise on Best Practices
  • Communicate Needs and Keep IT, IR, Marketing, Vendors Updated and Informed
  • Follow-up and Chase Decision Makers


Client Relationship Management Tools

Investor Relations CRM's offer many advantages.  Choosing the right one can be daunting.  What to consider/evaluate:

  • Need Calculations?
  • What Workflows can be Captured or Enhanced?
  • Upload Tools/Importing from 3rd parties?
  • Multiple Users/Departments Purposes and Goals?
  • Automation Requirements?
  • Reporting Needs?
  • Interface with Outlook?

Data Integrity

With multiple users data can get muddy.  Cleaning it up can be time consuming and tedious.  Who has the time?

  • Merging Duplicative Companies
  • Creating Parent Companies
  • Spying Duplicative Contacts that have Switched Firms
  • Verifying through LinkedIn
  • Integrity of Data: Whatif's, VLookups, Countifs, Conditional Searches
  • Process to Maintain Integrity Going Forward and Avoid User Pitfalls



 Emailing documents may be quick and your standard operating procedure but get your documents to your investors securely and store in one place.

  • Track Usage
  • Automatic Linking to Active Funds or Accounts
  • Configure for Fund level, Account level, Series level
  • Match your Work Flow
  • Integrate with your CRM

— Associates and colleagues